International entrepreneurs

in international waters

near Silicon Valley

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  • 1,000 entrepreneurs + talent pool
  • A startup ecosystem on a stationary ship
  • Just outside U.S. jurisdiction
  • Easy access to Silicon Valley
  • = better than any startup accelerator

The problem we solve

There simply are no U.S. visas available for entrepreneurs
— American Immigration
Lawyers Association

Foreign graduates kicked out

We take the smartest people in the world,
we bring them to America,
we give them PhDs in technical sciences,
to go found great companies outside of America.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt

Blueseed at a glance

Ship information

  • 1500 passengers capacity
  • 1000 intended occupancy (for extra space)
  • 200m / 650ft long
  • 27m / 90ft wide
  • More at

What visa do I need?

  • B1/B2 (business/travel) visa:
    • Used to arrive in U.S. before boarding vessel
    • Used to travel to/from the mainland
    • Lets one stay in U.S. for up to 180 days
    • Valid for 10 years (most countries)
  • No U.S. work visa (H-1B) required — all work will be done on the ship

B1/B2 visas are easy to get

Average # of visas granted per year, 2006-11

Ship capacity = 1000 people

1500+ expressed interest

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What do entrepreneurs want?

# of survey respondents who consider attribute "very important" or "critical" (total: 1054)

Other cool people aboard

  • talent pool: ~200 freelance devs, designers
  • research labs:
    • in talks with some big partners
  • service providers: accounting, tax, legal etc.
  • coaches: business, marketing etc.
  • wellness professionals, researchers, etc.

Blueseed press coverage

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Cost: avg. $1600/person/month

Bottom line: less expensive than San Francisco.

"startup slot" = stateroom (cabin) + workspace

Different startup slots:

  • Shared room + coworking desk
  • Private room + coworking desk
  • Private room with ocean view + private office

How we'll lower your rent

  • We'll sell film and TV show rights (in talks with Hollywood already)
  • We'll rent event space and hotel rooms
  • We'll host big companies (research arms, early acquisitions, talent scouting etc.)
  • We'll get sponsorships from hardware manufacturers, software vendors, big brands



  • Many of our solutions come from the cruise line industry
  • Our maritime partners are working on the logistics and engineering aspects


  • Ocean waves: under 3 meters 93% of the time
  • Stability: cruise ships longer than 650ft (200m) are stable to European ferry standards
  • Tsunamis: don't affect ships at sea
  • Hurricanes: absent near the Northern California coast

Blueseed competition

* Yes, this is a blank side

Legislative immigration reform

Employment Benefit Act (Dec 2009)died
Startup Visa Act of 2010died
Startup Visa Act of 2011died
IDEA Act (Jun 2011)died
Startup Act (Dec 2011)died
STAR Act (May 2012)died
Startup Act 2.0 (May 2012)died
American Investment and Job Creation Actdied
Startup Act 3.0 (Feb 2013)2% chance to pass
Comprehensive Immigration Reform billopposed by House

Even if a startup visa were passed, our core value proposition is actually not the “visa-free aspect”, but rather...

Top motivation isn't visas

# of survey respondents who consider attribute "very important" or "critical" (total: 1054)

If visa regulations relax?

  • It would be much easier for foreign entrepreneurs to enter the U.S.
  • It would be much easier for Blueseed's graduates to move their business to the U.S.
  • We could locate the ship just one mile from shore, instead of twelve

Political risk mitigation

Local, state and federal legislators have privately supported Blueseed.

  • Business model: publicly palatable
  • Partners: immigration, entrepreneurial, environmental groups
  • Government agencies: good relationships with
  • Media exposure: excellent

Why we're the right team

Expertise required in three areas

Dario Mutabdzija, CEO

  • LLM Transnational Business - U of Salzburg (Austria) & McGeorge School of Law (CA)
  • Experience in transnational law firms from Eastern & Western Europe and the U.S.
  • Fundraiser, public speaker, media specialist and business strategist

Dan Dascalescu, COO/CTO

  • Managed Yahoo!'s knowledge platform for all 14,000 employees
  • Founded the Quantified Self Forum, now serving 10% of the worldwide community
  • Speaker at the Bitcoin2013 conference, Stanford, MIT and many startup events
  • Named "#1 Romanian entrepreneur to watch in 2013" by Wall Street Romania

VC expertise

  • We're backed by visionary investor Mike Maples of Floodgate Fund
  • And have partnered with almost 100 startup accelerators, incubators, networks and supporting organizations

Blueseed partners

More Blueseed partners...

And the rest of the partners...

Maritime expertise

We held director positions at the only think tank in the world researching ocean communities -

Maritime partners and advisors:
V.Ships, ALMACO, Liquid Robotics, Glosten Associates, Nordica Marine, Tim Saunders Yacht Design, Truston Mooring

Long term vision

Global franchise operation - ocean-based jurisdictional arbitrage

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

— Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

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